Our Mission

The purpose of the Caddo-Shreveport Sales and Use Tax Commission is to collect the proper amount of tax revenue at the lowest possible cost to those we serve, and in a manner that warrants the highest degree of confidence in our integrity, efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness.  To achieve that purpose we will:

  • Encourage the highest level of voluntary compliance with state and local tax laws and regulations
  • Educate and advise the dealers of their responsibilities and rights
  • Determine the extent of compliance and causes for non-compliance
  • Do all things necessary for the proper administration and enforcement of the tax laws
  • Continually search for and implement new, more efficient and effective ways of accomplishing our mission

The Commission is governed by a  Board of commissioners and presently has an authorized staff of fifteen.  The agency registers businesses for local sales, use, and occupancy tax purposes; provides them information and forms, receives and processes tax reports, records, accounts for and maintains records as required by law; deposits revenue received with the fiscal agent of each body served; reports revenue collected in detail as required or requested by responsible parties; enforces compliance with the tax laws and provides support and assistance as needed.